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The MMA just conducted a high energy, content rich conference on MTA called “MATT Unplugged”. (MATT is the Marketing Attribution Think Tank that the MMA runs,  for which I am the subject matter expert, with the participation of over 60 marketer organizations).

Adoption is growing, but restrictions on data sharing are creating barriers to building complete models.  Marketers suggest it is complicated but you need to start small, get a specific win, and don’t expect to get to the end goal all at once.

But, let the best tweets about the event do the talking, along with a video interview with me about data sharing restrictions.  (Bolding is mine…).

  • MATT Unplugged is kicking off on Wednesday and we can’t wait to learn from #attribution experts at @Target @Casper @Unilever @shakeshack & more on how they are leveraging MTA to optimize media allocations and drive revenue! See the agenda: #ShapeTheFuture
  • “What we found is that the adoption of MTA is gradually growing. It was at 34 percent when we started. Now it’s at 40%.” @joelrubinson on the state of #MultiTouchAttribution at MATT Unplugged #ShapeTheFuture
  • Anything less than having complete #data, is a compromise. And the reality is you’re not going to get [it]. There are restrictions everywhere. But there are workarounds.” @joelrubinson at MATT Unplugged #ShapeTheFuture #multitouch #attribution
  • 66% of ad spend is not covered by MTA. Some of it is traditional media that is not tracked at a user level, and others are walled gardens.” @joelrubinson at MATT Unplugged #ShapeTheFuture
  • MTA Expert @joelrubinson presents to a packed room at MATT Unplugged — providing workaround strategies that marketers can use when implementing MTA in a data sharing restricted environment. #ShapeTheFuture #attribution #datasharing
  •  For MTA, need user level Data, which cannot be obtained for everything marketers do, so you need to combine MTA with MMM, test/learn etc @joelrubinson #shapethefuture #analytics
  •  “The most powerful predictor for whether someone is going to convert is their prior behavior with respect to the brand.” @joelrubinson @MMAglobal #ShapeTheFuture
  •  At the @MMAglobal Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT) Unplugged event today in NY. (Thanks @joelrubinson for the hookup.) Such a relief finally to hear so many attribution practitioners finally embracing incrementality and experiments. It’s been a long time coming.
  •   “As important as MTA is, it’s complicated and it’s hard to get right. We want to make it easier to implement. We want to create a knowledge sharing environment. It’s one of the top priorities of the Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT).”
  • @joelrubinson Proud and honored to be the subject matter expert for #MTA for @MMAglobal #mrx (link:…
  • “The important thing to remember is that results aren’t going to happen overnight.” @AmericanExpress’ @ChrisMarino03 stresses the importance of looking at performance, signals, and doing a lot of testing and learning. #ShapeTheFuture
  •  ARF Chief Research Officer @PaulJDonato moderating the ‘Make or Buy, In-house or Outsource?: That is the Question’ debate @ the @MMAglobal MATT Unplugged #ShapeTheFuture
  •  “Could be targeting too much? I don’t know , that is the question.” @MelissaOrchard @Unilever @MMAglobal #ShapeTheFuture
  •  “You have to be very clear about what your objective is. And you need to have the organization aligned.” @Unilever’s @MelissaOrchard during today’s MATT Unplugged panel with @AmericanExpress’ @ChrisMarino03 & @the_ARF’s @PaulJDonato #ShapeTheFuture
  •  “MTA is not an easy thing for anybody to be doing. There’s some tenacity required.” @Microsoft’s Michele Garner at MATT Unplugged #ShapeTheFuture #MultiTouch #Attribution
  • “The MMA is in the process of understanding the relationship between brand and performance #marketing. It’s a much bigger question than #mobile.” MMA CEO @gregstuart at MATT Unplugged #ShapeTheFuture
  • Takeaways from @Microsoft’s session at MATT Unplugged: 1) The MTA trail is far from lonely 2) Keep the beginnings simple 3) Perseverance and innovation are key 4) Evolution is expected #ShapeTheFuture
  •  Skills needed for meta as per #michelegarner #microsoft #shapethefuture mediadata sme, projext managers, media buyers, data scientists, data engineers, marketing researchers, privacy advocates, lawyers, procurement specialists

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