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I said that!

I love the quote from HL Mencken, “My job is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”  Here are some things I’ve said that afflicted the comfortable…but I stand by them!

  • Market research has not been data driven, it’s been study driven. We need to fully integrate digital and social data into our predictive insights.”
  • About segmentation. “If your segmentation doesn’t lead to audiences who respond better, you failed.”
  • About brand tracking. “If you try to reinvent brand tracking, do you know what you get? Brand Tracking! Marketers need predictive guidance.
  • About innovation. “Don’t focus on product superiority. The route to innovation is promise superiority. Then just deliver on that promise.”
  • About Insights. “Find the prediction embedded in your insights or all you have is empty calories.”
  • “Broad reach media plans are madness for established brands.  You are knowingly engineering waste that is practically irresponsible.”
  • Brand loyalty. “Loyalty is a one-way metric but it better be a two-way street.”
  • About your customers and marketing hubris. “You don’t own your customers, you only share them…which is why you have to fight for every purchase.”