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Advice from Joan Lewis, Former SVP Global SMK Procter. Lead with your capabilities that stretches my thinking about possibilities…you have 15 minutes!

because of specialization, insight functions are driven to dehumanize the customer experience. What we can do about it…

Marketing research’s impact is blunted because it often gets brought into the process too late. Research must become viewed as “strong”; as embracing action and feeling accountable for business results, being future focused, a thought leader while staying true to the rigor of proven research processes.

What’s a Researcher Like Me Doing in a Place Like This?

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Could a marketing researcher bring a new, edgy perspective that others would find compelling? Yes! Blogging for Fast Company Magazine on marketing, advertising, and innovation.

One of the biggest challenges Research faces is getting kids jazzed up about it as a career.  Yet the funny thing is that what we do is cool, we just don’t market ourselves very well.  I had a conversation with a marketing professor who said, “If I ask my marketing class of 50 how many […]