Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Your best customers should be your top priority for receiving additional media weight. Conversely, most non-buyers are your worst target

Brand equity refers to the size of a brand; brand health refers to its trajectory. Here are 8 signs if your brand is healthy.

The decision before the decision might be the more important one for marketers. Marketers need to learn about the opportunities inherent in influencing what are called second-order decision strategies.

Marketers must use new approaches and adopt a new corporate culture to become fast-learning organizations, or they will find their opportunities in the new normal defined by a future that is not of their own making.

Recent evidence from over 100,000 interviews in a tightly controlled experiment proves online research, using best practices, can produce results that equally or more accurate vs. RDD phone interviewing on a series of benchmarking questions and demographics.