Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Client work,kudos

Started in 2010, Rubinson Partners, Inc. (RPI) has worked with over 70 marketers, media companies, research suppliers, and digital marketing firms to equip them for success in a digital age.

A sampling of RPI client assignments

    • Movable Middles. With the MMA and Neustar, fueled by Numerator data, created a new brand growth framework based on targeting a segment we identified called the Movable Middle, now proven through case studies to be up to 23 TIMES more responsive to advertising.
    • Brand as Performance.  Discovering the power of building brand favorablity to generate an annuity of future purchasing.
    • For Viant and NCS, created a new targeting approach for digital that more than triples marketing ROI.
    • MTA adopton tools. For the Mobile Marketing Association, developed 15 MTA adoption acceleration tools.
    • Media strategies. Designed a system for a leading CPG marketer that was engineered to double their ROAS.
    • Brand trackers redefined. For Coca-Cola, consulted on the creation of the new “Brand Guidance System”, introduced globally
    • Improving the quality of AdTech. For Truthset, helped to develop and validate a method of inproving the fidelity of 3rd party ID lists offering specific demographic assertions.
    • Improving ad measurement. Consulting for DISQO, helped to design their ad testing offerings.
    • For AOL and BBDO, supported groundbreaking research by InsightsNow as a consultant  on SmartPhones usage motivations and situations to uncover app, and brand content opportunities
    • For ShareThis and SMG, led one of the largest analyses of social media sharing behavior.  See presentation ” Sharing is more than fans, friends and followers”
    • Conducted workshops on digital marketing, consumer analytics, behavioral economics for shopper insights
    • Designed contemporary marketing research methodologies for a digital age