Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Let us equip you for success in a digital, social, mobile, age. What participants have said about Rubinson Workshops…please e-mail us at

And from Ravi Parmeswar, VP, GSI/Analytics at J&J: “Joel’s presentation to my global insights leadership team provided the call to action that we needed to achieve a more relevant role at J&J for key digital marketing questions. He described HOW we could integrate surveys with digital data and predictive analytics to improve the value of certain research protocols. Joel hit the mark: he was both provocative and practical.”

Other workshop clients include: The NPD Group, PepsiCo, General Mills, Nielsen, TNS, IISL (big data technology), Weber Shandwick

Workshop descriptions:
  • ·Digital De-mystification: what marketing researchers need to know about data driven marketing, programmatic, DMPs, social media, location based research and marketing
  • ·Building the future research and analytics organization (for research buyers)
  • Marketing research methods reinvention: What characteristics must research methods offer a digital, social, mobile age? How can buyers achieve more for less and how can suppliers meet this need? Learn how you can completely integrate your survey programs with your digital data ad targeting profiles so insights and actionability are innate to one another. See how this will enable reinvention of tracking, new product research, segmentation, and customer journey.
  • Culture and competencies: What are the new protocols, culture and competencies? What to look for in a supplier?
  • ·         Research Innovation along the value creation pyramid (ARF Research transformation)

o   Who are the innovators?

o   What are the innovations and where in the pyramid are they occurring (you might be surprised)?

o   Imagining the possibilities

  • ·         Understanding consumer journeys:

o   How to conduct shopper insights, path to purchase and journey research in a digital, social, mobile age.  How to integrate journeys, personas, and consumer motivation.

o   How to leverage big data

o   How to connect path to purchase and your brand tracking programs

  • ·         Innovation insights reinvention: How to reconstruct your process for new product success from ideation to launch and beyond
    • ·         Understanding marketers, researchers, and media planners. (Delivered to those in other areas such as big data technologists or digital marketing players who have to connect their ideas to more marketing traditional thinkers)
    • Custom workshops can be created as well


  • ·         Ideal for either suppliers or research buyers
  • ·         Participants include multiple levels in the organization, usually between 10-30 in attendance
  • ·         These can be one hour lunch n’ learns to multi-day workshops.  Typical is a 4 hour workshop with a breakout exercise.
  • ·         We conduct these onsite

Rubinson areas of subject matter expertise

  • Enhancing research methods with digital and social data
  • Brand equity measurement and tracking
  • Shopper insights
  • New product forecasting
  • Social media and listening strategies
  • Advanced analytics and modeling
  • Contemporary thinking about branding and media strategies
  • Loyalty analysis
  • Consumer decision trees
  • Segmentation
  • Online research data quality management
  • Organizational strategies for maximizing research impact