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Marketing is not like slicing off a chunk from a loaf of bread where you get more in a bigger chunk. At some point, as you strive for more reach, you are moving ad impressions from high Movable Middle audiences to low Movable Middle audiences…not a good deal.

Ehrenberg-Bass researchers readily admit that consumers are heterogeneous in their brand preferences. Yet, they ignore the possibility that consumers also vary in their expected responsiveness to advertising even though they are mathematically linked.

New Evidence…The Power of Movable Middle Targeting Across Sectors

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Movable Middles are up to 23 TIMES more responsive paid media. Show this to your CFO the next time your ad budget is challenged.

Build your media strategy around your consumer franchise, customers plus prime prospects, not around broad reach

It isn’t business as usual for marketers and it can’t be business as usual for marketing analytics either. Here are three changes that analytics teams need to focus on.