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Recent evidence from over 100,000 interviews in a tightly controlled experiment proves online research, using best practices, can produce results that equally or more accurate vs. RDD phone interviewing on a series of benchmarking questions and demographics.

Here is an interview with Michael Perman, Senior Director of Consumer Insights, Levi Strauss & Co. who has trained over 7,000 on storytelling and who is conducting, with Pat Hanlon, the ARF Workshop, “Stories Inspire” on June 22nd in NY. The interview with Pat Hanlon can be found here. Joel: Michael, you are a huge […]

Proving the value of listening…ABOUT Research

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I came across a really interesting exchange of comments on Flickr (not Facebook or My Space or Twitter) from an irate person who joined an online research panel. There are 3 great lessons here: 1—how lack of dialogue can lead to a tremendous level of misinterpretation then distrust about a business’ motives, leading to active […]

A Klingon is one of the bad guys in Star Trek; a Marketing “Cling-on” is also dangerous…someone who clings on to rules of thumb from the past, believing the world is really not so different after all. Trekkies know what a Klingon looks like, but how about a Marketing “Cling-on?” Here are some examples. In […]

This is part two of a blog series on marketing in a recession. for part one, click here. In my last blog posting, I made the case that there will be “no normal” to return to, once the recession is over.  People’s heightened search for value and economizing have changed brand choices and shopping patterns.  […]