Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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The two most powerful concepts in marketing research…trends and norms…are also the biggest enemies to innovation. Here is the recommended process for your transformation goals for 2015.

In a multiscreen era, Marketers need to measure and synch all digital behaviors across screens to use media to create brand growth

In my interview with Google, they flunk CPG marketers, “You get a 3 out of 10″. If you look at where the dollars are still spent, the shift isn’t happening as dramatically as it should. Mentality: I’ll leave it to the next guy to jump off the cliff.

How do people spend time engaging with your brand? This is critical to learn and the answer might surprise you. It is likely that owned media is first and Facebook might be at the bottom.

Marketers are in a world where the great majority of brand-consumer relationships are based on non-exclusive brand beliefs which explains why many brand purchase decisions are made at retail. Marketers need to dial up the exclusivity of what their brand means or will remain challenged to support their price differential vs. store brands.