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How do people spend time with your brand?

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How do people spend time engaging with your brand? This is critical to learn and the answer might surprise you. It is likely that owned media is first and Facebook might be at the bottom.

Marketers are in a world where the great majority of brand-consumer relationships are based on non-exclusive brand beliefs which explains why many brand purchase decisions are made at retail. Marketers need to dial up the exclusivity of what their brand means or will remain challenged to support their price differential vs. store brands.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with measuring brand awareness, especially aided awareness. What a CPG marketer really wants to know is how to get their brand noticed at retail.

Traditional marketing theory tells us that the purchase is the successful outcome of consumer-directed messages that create awareness which begets interest, desire, and action.
what happens when that is wrong? What does marketing do when it STARTS “store back” with the purchase? Based on shopper insights research, I believe that, for grocery products, over half of first-time purchases are unplanned;

Digitization is transformational to the media experience, advertising possibilities and media businesses. Now, the media property is the organizing principle and it must live synergistically across platforms. Advertising on traditional media no longer has to be static and served to a whole audience.