Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Six big wakeup calls in 2009 are doing the marketing research profession a favor; refocusing us on what it will take to conduct trustworthy research, find unexpected feedback, provide anticipatory insights, measure media in a way that people now choose to experience it, and properly rebalance our understanding of how people choose brands by placing more emphasis on understanding the shopper.

Putting shopper marketing into the hands of the shopper

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Over the next few years three of the hottest marketing trends, digital marketing, shopper marketing, and mobile life will all converge to put shopper marketing into the hands of the shopper. Literally.

Digital marketing and shopper marketing will increasingly merge together. Mobile devices will allow people to bring information, offers, and friends (virtually) into the store with them. The internet is no longer only on your desktop, it is everywhere including right in the store.

Trust is the easier part of the branding equation. The harder part of branding-building is creating desire for YOUR brand. Brands are delisted by retailers not because of lack of trust but when they are viewed as redundant.

“Dealer Franchise Laws” are federal and state laws that protect auto dealerships. However, they also institutionalize business practices in a way that are no longer serve the consumer but cannot be easily changed.