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As reported by Jack Neff in AdAge, working with the Mobile Marketing Association, I was the lead architect of a marketer’s Journey Map for successfully adopting Multi-touch Attribution (MTA). (Yes, just like consumer journey mapping marketers conduct for their own products!)

To learn more about the marketer journey to successful MTA, please sign up for a free webinar on November 19th that I will be conducting on behalf of the MMA.

How does MTA benefit marketers and what inhibits the adoption rate (now at 43%)?

1–it is an absolutely essential tool for improving the ROI of marketing (by as much as 30%) AND for brand-building for the long term growth of the business.

2–it is incredibly hard to get right as evidenced by the MMA’s annual surveys of marketers that show the NPS is negative…a lot of disappointment.

The MMA is dedicated to helping marketers adopt MTA to realize its benefits without the pain…what we refer to as “select and apply with confidence”. Speaking as the subject matter expert for MATT (The MMA’s Marketing Attribution Think Tank), we realized The Journey map was needed to give marketers a process and a plan to adopt MTA in a way that goes smoothly, with realistic expectations and to avoid the pain of not enjoying the ride.

Working with over 30 marketers, MATT has identified 5 stages of adoption of MTA:

1.Initiate MTA process

2.Establish data readiness

3.Set up first MTA project

4.Implement first MTA project


The most important, and often skipped, stage is “data readiness”. MTA is a big data project…bringing together different types of data that are not always easy to access and match. You must have a strategy for matching conversion/sales data with ad serving (digital) with TV data, etc. These require project leadership that acquires mastery of MTA techniques and cooperation from different players in your techstack (and those you might have to add into the mix.)

To help with tasks at each of the stages, The Journey Map is also your organizer for the 15 MTA “acceleration tools” that the MMA has produced over the past 3 years. Each deliverable is mapped to the stage where it will help achieve successful completion. If you are an MMA member organization, you have access to all of these tools via the website.

While successful adoption of MTA is hard, the size of the prize is substantial. MTA will help you sort through dozens of combinations of ad units, publishers, creative assets, and targetable segments to find the combinations that work best. MTA operates on fresh data being collected continuously, not historical 3 years of data (as Marketing Mix Models use.) Results with MTA are delivered in-campaign, usually via dashboards that allow for optimizations that typically can produce up to 30% improvement in predicted ROAS (return on ad spend). This improvement is easy to envision when some targetable segments can produce as much as 16 TIMES the ROAS of others (my white paper “The Persuadables”…ask me for copy at and where some digital inventory costs $5 CPMs while premium inventory can cost $50 CPMs.

To find out more and to access introductory content about “A Journey Map for Marketer Success with MTA”, please click here. For full pdf and access to all the MTA tools the MMA has produced, you will need to be an MMA member, although there is a good chance you are…the MMA has 800 member organizations.

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