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Ehrenberg-Bass researchers readily admit that consumers are heterogeneous in their brand preferences. Yet, they ignore the possibility that consumers also vary in their expected responsiveness to advertising even though they are mathematically linked.

New Evidence…The Power of Movable Middle Targeting Across Sectors

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Movable Middles are up to 23 TIMES more responsive paid media. Show this to your CFO the next time your ad budget is challenged.

Discover math-driven marketing strategies to surpass industry averages and boost growth. Focus on targeting the Movable Middle, heavy users, and maximizing repeat rates to drive customer retention. Measure effectiveness, generalize findings, and refine media tactics to enhance advertising performance and achieve greater-than-average results in a competitive landscape.

Build your media strategy around your consumer franchise, customers plus prime prospects, not around broad reach

What product marketers need to know about retailers becoming AdTech…a large and growing advertising channel.