Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Facebook’s new newsfeed algorithm has practically killed brands’ organic impressions. Is the bloom off the rose? No…Facebook did marketers a big favor.

We are moving into a POST-DEMOGRAPHICS, data driven era for media strategy…where behavior-based media strategies offer RECENCY, RELEVANCE, and REINFORCEMENT targeting.

Could there be any lower hanging fruit than raising your share of purchases among those who already prefer your brand? Marketers need to turn their brands into media to pluck this low hanging fruit.

I have just published an affordably priced guidebook entitled “Brand-Building in a digital social, and mobile age” based on my most socially shared writings and ideas. Please check it out on Amazon and Lulu

The ARF chose the right theme for its AM8.0 conference…measuring the unmeasured. As smartphones and tablets disrupt how people use media to be entertained, learn things and to shop, the measurement gap is increasing. How important is it to measure multiplatform usage by consumers? Evidence provided to me in my interview with Gian Fulgoni, Chairman […]