Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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As the ARF embarks on its “research transformation” initiative, (official launch of the super-council on May 7th) it is important to understand how a marketing research function provides insights that truly create value for the enterprise.  The end of the value chain must be that these insights inspire a better business future for the company; stronger brands with more equity, more durable customer relationships, innovation that is ahead of the next move of the media/marketing environment and consumer response.  The key diagram we have created to depict this is what we affectionately call the “wedding cake”. 

All layers of the wedding cake are needed to for research to have an impact on creating a better business future.  Check out what happens if any one of the layers is missing by viewing the short slideshow:

View more presentations from joel rubinson.

Of course, easier said than done!  What are the skills and mindset of the successful researcher of the future?  What are the tools that are needed in light of the new findings from anthropology, behavioral economics, and anthropology about how humans process information, recognize, and decide?  What are the processes and structure of the organization that has committed to a culture of bringing the voice of humans into every marketing decision?  What are the metrics of success? 

Led by some of the biggest global marketers, consultants, and research agencies, the ARF Research Transformation Super-Council is committed to developing the roadmap for how organizations can transform to this new model and culture.

For more on the ARF Research Transformation vision, click here to view the youtube video, “inspiring better brands”.

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