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It’s about being an agent of change for the whole organization. Inspiring better business futures is what we do. Research and insights is just our fastball. As Donna Goldfarb from Unilever said when asked what her job is, “I sell soap”.

Six must have-s for insights to create business value

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Led by some of the biggest global marketers, consultants, and research agencies, the ARF Research Transformation Super-Council is committed to developing the roadmap for how organizations can transform to this new model and culture.

Meet the CIMMs; “Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement”. While Sims try to get through their daily virtual lives, CIMMs are 15 of the largest media and advertising companies trying to kickstart innovation of long-form video measurement across 3 screens; TV, internet, and smaller mobile devices.

Monday at the ARF, a rather remarkable grouping of industry leaders brainstormed about a new set of principles for how to innovate. The main purpose of the meeting was the on-going research transformation initiative at the ARF and participants included research/consumer insights leaders from CBS, J&J, Levi Strauss, Unilever, the former head of research at […]