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An Industry Event That Will Affect the Future of Research

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We at the ARF want to thank the thousands who were part of the ARF Re:Think2009 annual conference. The fact that this year’s attendance was in the thousands and approached last year’s record high meant attendees would be particularly demanding about value received in this very tough year. And yet, feedback we received from attendees, […]

All of a sudden it hit me. The 80/20 rule flipped on its ear! What I’m referring to is that something like 80% of resources in the market research function goes towards “quantifying the expected”. Falling into that category would be metrics like market share tracking, surveys that have predetermined lists of questions/attributes like trackers, […]

Monday at the ARF, a rather remarkable grouping of industry leaders brainstormed about a new set of principles for how to innovate. The main purpose of the meeting was the on-going research transformation initiative at the ARF and participants included research/consumer insights leaders from CBS, J&J, Levi Strauss, Unilever, the former head of research at […]

OK. It’s a fact…storytelling works. Here’s the proof. At the ARF Industry Leader Forum in San Francisco on Tuesday, a number of presenters (including yours truly) used stories…specifically creation stories (for example, I described the meeting and the moment when the research transformation initiative was born on July 15th at the ARF). At our SF […]

so, what's the story?

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Research transformation is more than employing new tools to get at what consumers in a 2.0 world think and do, it is about finding ways of bringing those findings to life. What is the brilliant insight from your research (example: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty was motivated by the insight that only 2% of women […]