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Marketers are in a world where the great majority of brand-consumer relationships are based on non-exclusive brand beliefs which explains why many brand purchase decisions are made at retail. Marketers need to dial up the exclusivity of what their brand means or will remain challenged to support their price differential vs. store brands.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with measuring brand awareness, especially aided awareness. What a CPG marketer really wants to know is how to get their brand noticed at retail.

Technology is changing how we live our lives and the rules for brand-building. Here are eight ideas the agile brand marketer should consider in a digital age.

Putting shopper marketing into the hands of the shopper

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Over the next few years three of the hottest marketing trends, digital marketing, shopper marketing, and mobile life will all converge to put shopper marketing into the hands of the shopper. Literally.

Digital marketing and shopper marketing will increasingly merge together. Mobile devices will allow people to bring information, offers, and friends (virtually) into the store with them. The internet is no longer only on your desktop, it is everywhere including right in the store.