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How do we reach the “readier” to purchase consumer to increase ad effectiveness? Digital activities that are self-directed, e.g. search or visiting a brand’s website guarantee recency because the consumer controls the timing of the message not the marketer.

In a digital age, how people seek out your brand is their choice, not yours so you need a digital strategy that makes it natural and easy for people to find you given the purpose they have in mind.

In marketing, Procter talks of first moment of truth. Google offers zero moment of truth. Something is missing because that comes before search. the minus one moment…

Relevance marketing is about ACTION. People are seeking, shopping, and planning their shopping trip. Relevance marketing is tied to identifying when consumer action is occurring for which you are relevant and directing it towards your brand.

Most marketing organizations are not equipped for real time marketing but are structured for annual or semi-annual planning, budgeting, and executing. That tension is only going to grow. Here are eight guidelines for real time marketing.