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We need to face our CEOs and deliver insights, drive growth experiment to learn and then scale, vs. trying to create perfect measurement systems.

6 priorities for marketing and insights in 2013, starting with the integration of digital data with survey-based insights.

Brand engagement marketing is incomplete. Marketers need to use advertising and shopper marketing to lift sales among less loyal consumers and social and owned media to build EXCLUSIVE meaning, leading to advocacy and engagement.

A holiday gift of food…for thought

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A gift of food for thought to thank you for a great year of learning and accomplishment for Rubinson Partners and I wanted to thank my clients, academic sponsors at NYU, network of resources and thought partners such as Judah Phillips web analytics guru at Monster, Erwin Ephron, Dave Lundahl founder at InsightsNow, Pat Hanlon (author of Primal Branding), and Frank Cotignola at Kraft.

the tablet is the first device that can actually travel with the shopper through the complete path to purchase. Retailers should consider leasing them for free to their frequent shoppers and club members to lock in their loyalty. The lifetime value of a shopper would more than pay for this.