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Concept testing and choice experiments throw the insight that consumers are creatures of habit out the window. We force people to tell us if they are interested in a particular new product idea without studying how to disrupt existing consumer habits and rituals.

As behavioral economists know, Adoption of new choices requires breaking consumer habits. In this way, marketing is fundamentally about disruption.

The word “consumer” is marketing-ese for slicing off that part of daily living that relates to what you can sell someone and throwing away the rest. When you study consumers you get incremental ideas; when you study humans you get breakthroughs.

Marketers want to use brand extension strategies as much as possible today because it is a more affordable way to introduce products but the key is having enough rocket fuel, i.e. brand equity, to get the rocket (i.e. brand extension) off the ground.

What’s a Researcher Like Me Doing in a Place Like This?

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