Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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A behavioral economist might offer, “It’s not your survey that’s a delicate instrument, it’s the human mind!” The challenge to producing consistent and reliable marketing research data goes well beyond sample representativeness. Marketing researchers need to think more like Behavioral Economists.

Six big wakeup calls in 2009 are doing the marketing research profession a favor; refocusing us on what it will take to conduct trustworthy research, find unexpected feedback, provide anticipatory insights, measure media in a way that people now choose to experience it, and properly rebalance our understanding of how people choose brands by placing more emphasis on understanding the shopper.

Internet research has some huge advantages. It is not only faster and less expensive; it offers an environment that is more native to our digital, interconnected world. We must not shy away from finding the best way of harnessing the more realistic environment that internet research can offer.

Listening reveals insights via social and open-book approaches. Listening is about studying the change-makers (people) in a way that is native to how they are increasingly living their lives. We must learn how to add listening to our survey-based approaches for generating anticipatory insights.

Make people curious about your brand

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In a world of the long-tail of choices that are sometimes not very functionally different, use curiosity as a way of getting people to think about your brand. Being interesting might be a new way of being better.