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Rubinson and Compete release first study that precisely measures the effect of liking a brand on Facebook finds an 85% increase in website visits but this all comes from the small number who revisit the fan page.

In my interview with Google, they flunk CPG marketers, “You get a 3 out of 10”. If you look at where the dollars are still spent, the shift isn’t happening as dramatically as it should. Mentality: I’ll leave it to the next guy to jump off the cliff.

The CSI era of digital marketing insights

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Like a CSI episode, where the evidence at first is invisible but then magically becomes apparent to the talented investigator, researchers need to mine the forensic evidence about what consumers want that is right there in their shopping cart and their digital behaviors.

In the end, the role of research is to inform. The role of a marketer is to develop ideas. That’s why business should be “data-informed, idea-led.”

Technology is changing how we live our lives and the rules for brand-building. Here are eight ideas the agile brand marketer should consider in a digital age.