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This is part two of a blog series on marketing in a recession. for part one, click here. In my last blog posting, I made the case that there will be “no normal” to return to, once the recession is over.  People’s heightened search for value and economizing have changed brand choices and shopping patterns.  […]

This is the first of a two-part blog on marketing in a recession. Our economy has taken a triple hit. First, we were buffeted by rising gas prices, then a wave of inflation that hadn’t been seen in 30 years, and then the current recession. For many, this “perfect economic storm” has changed our “personal […]

If you had to choose one conference…

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Today’s unprecedented marketing and economic environment puts an old joke in a new light. The joke is about two guys being chased by a bear in the woods. One guy says to the other as he’s running out of breath, “I don’t think we can outrun this bear”. The other says, “I only have to […]