Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Marketers must use new approaches and adopt a new corporate culture to become fast-learning organizations, or they will find their opportunities in the new normal defined by a future that is not of their own making.

A Klingon is one of the bad guys in Star Trek; a Marketing “Cling-on” is also dangerous…someone who clings on to rules of thumb from the past, believing the world is really not so different after all. Trekkies know what a Klingon looks like, but how about a Marketing “Cling-on?” Here are some examples. In […]

Monday at the ARF, a rather remarkable grouping of industry leaders brainstormed about a new set of principles for how to innovate. The main purpose of the meeting was the on-going research transformation initiative at the ARF and participants included research/consumer insights leaders from CBS, J&J, Levi Strauss, Unilever, the former head of research at […]

Social Media … Research Via the Art of Hearing the Unexpected

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As leaders gather at the ARF to discuss research transformation, something big is happening…a new vision for research that creates a learning organization. To learn, we must listen…we must be able to hear the unexpected. That’s where social media, search, managed communities come in. People use THEIR words, rather than answer questions in your words. […]