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I have just published a book that is available as a workbook-style paperback on Amazon or as a pdf download via Lulu (my personal preference).book cover.jpg

Link to Amazon is here:

Link to Lulu (pdf) is here:

Both links offer a “look inside” so you can explore before you buy, and I priced the book to be quite affordable.

This guidebook reflects my marketing and research knowledge and perspectives, built around your endorsement: readers have shared the ideas in this guidebook over 6,000 times using social media.

The guidebook is structured into three sections:

  1. Winning ideas that marketers and researchers can use to succeed in a digital, social, mobile age,
  2. My top 10 most shared blogs that elaborate this framework from consumer, brand, shopper, and media perspectives
  3. Six new digital and social media metrics that are critical for brands to monitor and manage.

Underlying all content in this guidebook is the notion of answering the shared question by marketers and researchers, “What does marketing success look like in a digital, social, mobile (DSM) age”? Marketers and researchers are playing catch-up ball…marketers are trying to catch up to consumers and researchers are struggling to catch up to the real time needs of marketers. Today, researchers still monitor brand KPIs that mostly come from brand tracking which largely follows the old model…survey-based, backward looking, slow, and continuing to reinforce a TV-first marketing culture. Today, by seeking information and sharing their thoughts via social media, consumers have become part of the media equation and marketers need to adjust their beliefs on how to use media…paid, owned, and earned for brand-building. Researchers need to develop new metrics and ways of harnessing digital and social data to reflect this new worldview or risk becoming like the Encyclopedia Brittanica: great work made irrelevant by the cadence of digital society.

Realtime Marketing Lab Discount

On a separate but related note, Rubinson Partners, Inc. is proud to be one of the sponsors to a great upcoming event on October 14th in NYC…the Realtime Marketing Lab.

Join me on Oct. 14 to get hands-on experience with realtime marketing technologies. See 16 tools compete head-to-head on bottom-line business value in the Realtime Marketing Challenge. Test drive the latest technologies for yourself. And consult with experts who use these realtime platforms every day. Register with code JOEL20 to save 20% and score a pass for only $276.

This is your opportunity to be hands-on and tooled up with realtime marketing which is such an essential part of the vision in the guidebook.  I plan to be there and hope to see you there as well.


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