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Based on Mumbai and the recent crash landing in the Hudson, there is no question about social media, especially Twitter, as a news source. I encourage all of you to view this video on twittering that Pete Blackshaw from Nielsen and Diane Hessan from Communispace.

Via twittering, there will be live and continuous reporting of the ARF San Francisco event on transforming research. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get transformed and to report on your experience … as we take a deep dive into listening tools, social media, storytelling, managed communities, new research skillsets.

Come to the event and be part of the reporting by twittering. You can sign up on the ARF Industry Leader Forum page. If you can’t be there, follow the tag #listen123 and follow me on twitter joelrubinson (all one word).

Welcome to social media immersion!!!


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2 Responses to “all a-twitter”

  1. Lou Lopez

    While I agree with you that social media presents additional venues for news sharing, we have to maintain a sense of caution with untested sources and properly contextualize them.

    Ann Moore gave a good take on this at an MPA event:

    While I welcome additional information streams, proper editing and vetting is essential.

    Glad to see you’re on top of this.

  2. Hi Lou–
    perhaps Ann should have come to one of our two events on Research transformation. Anyone representing traditional media who thinks they can put the genie back in the bottle, well, “Oh My!” I think the ARF annual conference this year will rock establishment thinking. To give you a taste, the conference will start with Microsoft, Unilever, J&J, and MTV all talking about how research must evolve or die. Then scientists will discuss how marketers are falling farther and farther behind the way people live their lives and consume media and make brand decisions. The conference goes on from there, but defending the old guard is going to become less and less tenable over time. Lou, please try to come to the conference and bring some colleagues. Your POV will never be the same again!