Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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As a user requests a webpage, the marketer’s goal is to serve the most relevant ad that has the greatest chance of response.
So what does marketing research reveal that helps to achieve this goal? Currently, very little.

The Marketing research function should create a new “productivity” practice that would leverage data-driven approaches and predictive thinking to drive measurable increases in marketing ROI.

About two years ago, I proposed that the ARF start a Shopper Insights council.  While some were asking what the ARF was doing with shopper stuff, I felt that path to purchase could be the new way of determining media strategy that would make more sense for advertisers. We started the council and saw great […]

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with measuring brand awareness, especially aided awareness. What a CPG marketer really wants to know is how to get their brand noticed at retail.

It’s about being an agent of change for the whole organization. Inspiring better business futures is what we do. Research and insights is just our fastball. As Donna Goldfarb from Unilever said when asked what her job is, “I sell soap”.