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Simplification of life is what made Google, Amazon, and Apple so successful. TV program and shopper choices are the next 2 areas ripe for simplification reinvention.

Sadly, marketing beliefs are often mythology, grounded in reported stories from faulty research. Take the short quiz and tell Rubinson Partners how we can help you ground your marketing team beliefs in solid evidence.

For an ad campaign to pay out, less than 1% of impressions need to have impact, that is, directly lead to a purchase. Accept advertising waste as part of a process that leads to brand success.

Rubinson and Compete release first study that precisely measures the effect of liking a brand on Facebook finds an 85% increase in website visits but this all comes from the small number who revisit the fan page.

In my interview with Google, they flunk CPG marketers, “You get a 3 out of 10″. If you look at where the dollars are still spent, the shift isn’t happening as dramatically as it should. Mentality: I’ll leave it to the next guy to jump off the cliff.