Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Started in 2010, Rubinson Partners, Inc. (RPI) has worked with 70 marketers, media companies, research suppliers, and digital marketing firms to equip them for success in a digital age.

A sampling of RPI client assignments

    • For Viant and NCS, created a new targeting approach for digital that more than triples marketing ROI and is now attracting millions of dollars of media for CPG marketers.
    • For the Mobile Marketing Association, conducted the most comprehensive review and assessment of Multi-touch attribution solutions ever conducted and have created a suite of data strategy tools.
    • Designed a system for a leading CPG marketer that was engineered to double their ROAS on each and every campaign.
    • We offer MoreCastR, the first innovation research system that identifies High Propensity Triers at scale for media targeting
    • For Coca-Cola, consulted on the creation of the new “Brand Guidance System”, introduced across over a hundred countries
    • For numerous marketers, designed a 360 communications sense and respond, real time system
    • For AOL and BBDO, supported groundbreaking research by InsightsNow as a consultant  on SmartPhones usage motivations and situations to uncover app, and brand content opportunities
    • For Unilever, designed and managed one of the largest and most comprehensive digital sensing and listening platforms ever created for shopper insights
    • For ShareThis, led one of the largest analyses of social media sharing behavior ever conducted, showing advertisers how to leverage sharing behavior.  See presentation ” Sharing is more than fans, friends and followers”
    • For leading analytics firm, developing marketing mix models that will properly account for owned and earned media, as well as paid.
    • Helped to create a way of passively determining digital display ad effectiveness for Moat
    • In partnership with InsightsNow, Inc. RPI created a next generation system for innovation called BehaviorLens ™
    • For a major marketer, helping to shape a new approach to digital media measurement
    • Conducted numerous workshops on shopper insights and shopper marketing
    • For two leading research companies, conducted white paper examinations of their innovative methodologies
    • Designed contemporary marketing research measurement methodologies for a digital age

Equipping marketing and research for a digital social mobile age v f from Joel Rubinson

Rubinson Partners helps you by opening digital doors…

Technology is producing bone-rattling change in everyday life.  The ability to deliver location-aware offers, ad targeting based on behaviors, interests, and social targeting will change the way brands are launched and managed for growth.

Rubinson Partners opens up these possibilities to marketers and helps digital and social media firms to more effectively connect their capabilities to marketer needs.  We think of it as opening digital doors so those on either side can walk through and meet one another.

Digital can be viewed as a huge opportunity or a threat.  The difference is how progressive and ready for change the marketer is.  There is tremendous opportunity for agile marketers and insights organizations to disrupt markets by addressing constantly emerging unmet needs. No market leader is grandfathered in anymore; ask My Space, Blackberry, or Circuit City. Like a Yankee-Red Sox game, no lead is safe.


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