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Most marketing organizations are not equipped for real time marketing but are structured for annual or semi-annual planning, budgeting, and executing. That tension is only going to grow. Here are eight guidelines for real time marketing.

The 4 things that Social Media and California Raisins have in common

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Social media is not just a “thing”; it will be integrated into EVERYTHING. Verizon Fios is integrating social media (Facebook, Twitter) into TV. Facebook and twitter apps and web access are now fairly common in cell phones. On the other hand, it is important to realize that social media is part of mobile life, not the other way around.

A Klingon is one of the bad guys in Star Trek; a Marketing “Cling-on” is also dangerous…someone who clings on to rules of thumb from the past, believing the world is really not so different after all. Trekkies know what a Klingon looks like, but how about a Marketing “Cling-on?” Here are some examples. In […]

All of a sudden it hit me. The 80/20 rule flipped on its ear! What I’m referring to is that something like 80% of resources in the market research function goes towards “quantifying the expected”. Falling into that category would be metrics like market share tracking, surveys that have predetermined lists of questions/attributes like trackers, […]

Holes! paraphrased from the CEO of Black and Decker telling investors that no one wants 1/4″ drillbits but plenty of people want 1/4″ holes. Marketing organizations need research to create a culture of learning…and that means you need continuous listening for the unexpected.  This becomes really clear when you read Pete Blackshaw’s latest column in […]