Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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At the ARF, a panel of scientists and buyers unanimously agreed that, with proper procedures, quota samples from double opt-in online research panels can produce reliable and consistent data, which make them a valid choice for tracking research and concept testing.

When Stan Stanunathan, global insights leader at Coca-Cola says, “Data quality doesn’t matter”, what he means is “data quality is not enough”. He advises that we researchers must not have an eternal debate about data quality. We must move on to insights that “inspire the marketer”. This is a great wakeup call to researchers that data quality is a means to an end.

The ARF launches a “Quality Enhancement Process” (QeP) that is intended to have research buyers and sellers work collaboratively and transparently towards a common goal—to once again be able to take data quality for granted so we can focus energies on key marketing issues.

Recent evidence from over 100,000 interviews in a tightly controlled experiment proves online research, using best practices, can produce results that equally or more accurate vs. RDD phone interviewing on a series of benchmarking questions and demographics.

As the ORQC continues its journey towards a version 1.0 solution by September, I must reiterate that the number one issue we face in marketing research projects is data consistency.