Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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The ARF launches a “Quality Enhancement Process” (QeP) that is intended to have research buyers and sellers work collaboratively and transparently towards a common goal—to once again be able to take data quality for granted so we can focus energies on key marketing issues.

In a broadcast marketing world, we think of brand communications as being chunked up into campaigns. In a social media world, you are creating a permanent commitment to be part of the conversation and obey the 6 rules of authenticity.

Meet the CIMMs; “Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement”. While Sims try to get through their daily virtual lives, CIMMs are 15 of the largest media and advertising companies trying to kickstart innovation of long-form video measurement across 3 screens; TV, internet, and smaller mobile devices.

Most marketers don’t PERSONALLY understand social media well enough and are scared by it. Our goal is to help companies understand how they can be the chief storytellers for their own brands within the midst of all of the noise and conversations.

Recent evidence from over 100,000 interviews in a tightly controlled experiment proves online research, using best practices, can produce results that equally or more accurate vs. RDD phone interviewing on a series of benchmarking questions and demographics.