Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Could a marketing researcher bring a new, edgy perspective that others would find compelling? Yes! Blogging for Fast Company Magazine on marketing, advertising, and innovation.

The second right answer must come from knowledge. It must be compelling because you are challenging the incumbent, the first right answer.

In March, the ARF completed executive interviews among 19 research leaders representing large marketers and media companies. Overall, Research got a passing grade, but certainly didn’t make honor roll. While Research usually has strong executive support, as we dug down 1-2 levels, we saw something different. We heard that there was spotty support for research […]

On Tuesday, the ARF Online Research Quality Council presented detailed findings from an unprecedented US R&D project regarding online data quality, called “Foundations of Quality” (FoQ).  Beyond the fact that it was about $1MM in research, it was unprecedented and quite remarkable as 17 leading online panel companies cooperated with each other and with large […]

Here is an interview with Michael Perman, Senior Director of Consumer Insights, Levi Strauss & Co. who has trained over 7,000 on storytelling and who is conducting, with Pat Hanlon, the ARF Workshop, “Stories Inspire” on June 22nd in NY. The interview with Pat Hanlon can be found here. Joel: Michael, you are a huge […]