Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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I have just published an affordably priced guidebook entitled “Brand-Building in a digital social, and mobile age” based on my most socially shared writings and ideas. Please check it out on Amazon and Lulu

Contemporary research strategies to address 6 critical marketing questions show the ways that marketing research tools and mindset must evolve in a digital, social, mobile world.

Today marketing is like soccer; constant action in the form of responding to consumer-initiated conversations in social media, search and digital behaviors across screens. Soccer researchers must embrace digital and social data, delivering metrics at the speed of light.

Enabled by new media, virtually every element of marketing research practice has changed over the past 30 years. Here is what’s next in the coming years.

Brands no longer compete just on features and functional benefits. They are now media, competing for lifestyle, entertainment, and a sense of belonging to build their audiences.