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Marketers’ top priority for 2022

The year of unified modeling

Marketers are getting signals from various partners about what works.  Sometimes marketers are generating their own set of multiple signals by using MTA and MMM and then conducting their own A/B tests about particular tactics or creative assets of interestl  Sometimes they get effectiveness measurement “as part of the deal” from various publisher partners. Sometimes signals come from walled gardens that do not permit independent assessment of the effectiveness of advertising on their platform.
How is a marketer best able to integrate these non-conformable findings into one cohesive picture of what works?
I believe this wil be a top priority for marketers’ analytic teams in 2022.
Some will go all in with one unified modeling provider who uses both MMM and MTA (although that still does not necessarily reconcile with A/B test results.)
Some use a provider like DISQO with unique data and technology who can read ad serving and behavioral outcomes and calculate lift, even across walled gardens.
Some just create an “elasticity databank” of how well different channels, tactics, etc. work.  That has some comparative value for sure but the model is actually not linear so this approach is a bit misleading.
Recently I developed a non-linear model for integrate results from diverse methods and sources that I am optimistic about…had to brush up on multivariable calculus for that one but I think it holds a lot of promise.
Regardless of how you, the marketer, tackle this problem, it is surely a top priority for any  large marketer, one I’d be happy to help you navigate and innovate against.
Best wishes for a great holiday and transformational 2022!