Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Brands no longer compete just on features and functional benefits. They are now media, competing for lifestyle, entertainment, and a sense of belonging to build their audiences.

Sadly, marketing beliefs are often mythology, grounded in reported stories from faulty research. Take the short quiz and tell Rubinson Partners how we can help you ground your marketing team beliefs in solid evidence.

Brands are in a dogfight for purchases. Marketers are misled about building brand engagement by consultants’ stories that retrospectively explain marketing cases with false certainty.

Remember when the coffee brand mojo was with CPG brands like Folgers and Maxwell House? The route to addressing commoditization is not more features, it is establishing your brand as the expert on something much larger so people digitally seek you out.

Social media is not just about earned media, it profoundly affects paid and owned media as well, changing how marketers spend their ad budgets, away from demographics and toward interests, behaviors, and self-directed seeking.