Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Remember when the coffee brand mojo was with CPG brands like Folgers and Maxwell House? The route to addressing commoditization is not more features, it is establishing your brand as the expert on something much larger so people digitally seek you out.

Only 11% of TV commercials are relevant to me as both a consumer and shopper. Reduce advertising waste by increasing the relevance of ad impressions at the moment of exposure, to individuals as BOTH consumers AND shoppers.

Marketing research and insights professionals must flip the switch…instead of starting with “The Project” we should start with the digital river. Now we live in a world where there is a river of information that pre-dates the marketing question and flows continuously as it is fed by digital tributaries from social media, search, navigation pathways.

marketing research account teams should offer strategic thinking and branded solutions and be in the business of synthesis, deploying their creativity on ideas that drive client’s business. Be focused on value creation, embrace and use data and analytics to elevate work, and be collaborative.

Led by some of the biggest global marketers, consultants, and research agencies, the ARF Research Transformation Super-Council is committed to developing the roadmap for how organizations can transform to this new model and culture.