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My 2017 resolution

Let’s make 2017 the action year!


For years I have been blogging about how digital will transform marketing and how marketing research and analytics must become an enabler or face a loss of relevance of their own indifference. A lot of what I said was based on a priori arguments.  Now I have evidence.

Last year, I worked to set the stage.  Now, 2017 is the action year.


Last year, working with the Mobile Marketing Association, I evaluated 19 providers of Multi-touch Attribution methods.  Their adoption rates are poised to explode from 34% of marketers to 75% in only 18 months. The 4 part webinar series I created for the MMA is geared to help you select and apply with confidence. Independently, as a consultant, I am now working with several leading marketers to on-board such solutions.


Last year, I created a method for linking digital profiling data to concept surveys so we can identify a segment of high propensity triers. It appears that they will exhibit TWENTY TIMES the trial potential. The segment is built to be targetable via the client DMP and targeted media to this group should lift trial substantially.  This is now being tested in a major proof of concept study by a leading marketer. Once completed in early 2017, expect a major announcement that will revolutionize the way new product ideas are tested with an eye towards creating trial rates that are 20-30% higher than they would be from using legacy tools and mass marketing approaches. We build success.  We do not let good ideas underperform their forecasts!

Can marketers really achieve 20X the efficiency?  We believe so.  In fact, working with a digital ad network on another assignment, I created a segmentation approach that is now PROVEN to have delivered more than TEN TIMES the average sales lift on campaigns for 3 clients. TEN TIMES!  Interested?


So with successful tests in hand, let’s make 2017 the action year.

So let’s talk and see how I can help…

  1. Test and bring on-board an MTA solution.  Staying with a marketing mix modeling-only approach is not an option.
  2. Test new products with an eye towards building success, not just getting forecasts.  Legacy concept volumetric tools deserve to be retired in a digital, data driven and precision targeting age.
  3. Conduct segmentation research that is built to be a multiplier to return on digital marketing.  If not, your segmentation is junk and should be trashed.
  4. Build media plans in a consumer centric way.  Different stages in the journey require different media touchpoints.  Learn and apply the right mapping.

In 2017, let’s make it and apply it…this is the action year!