Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Advice from Joan Lewis, Former SVP Global SMK Procter. Lead with your capabilities that stretches my thinking about possibilities…you have 15 minutes!

I have just published an affordably priced guidebook entitled “Brand-Building in a digital social, and mobile age” based on my most socially shared writings and ideas. Please check it out on Amazon and Lulu

because of specialization, insight functions are driven to dehumanize the customer experience. What we can do about it…

Here is how wrong marketing beliefs come from bad marketing research mistakes turned into compelling narratives.

Marketing research and insights professionals must flip the switch…instead of starting with “The Project” we should start with the digital river. Now we live in a world where there is a river of information that pre-dates the marketing question and flows continuously as it is fed by digital tributaries from social media, search, navigation pathways.