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Brand-Building in a Digital, Social, and Mobile Age

Author: Joel Rubinson

September, 2013

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“What does marketing success look like in a digital, social, mobile (DSM) age”? Marketers and researchers are playing catch-up ball…marketers are trying to catch up to consumers and researchers are struggling to catch up to the real time needs of marketers. Today, researchers still monitor brand KPIs that mostly come from brand tracking which largely follows the old model…survey-based, backward looking, slow, and continuing to reinforce a TV-first marketing culture. Today, by seeking information and sharing their thoughts via social media, consumers have become part of the media equation and marketers need to adjust their beliefs on how to use media…paid, owned, and earned for brand-building. Researchers need to develop new metrics and ways of harnessing digital and social data to reflect this new worldview or risk becoming like the Encyclopedia Brittanica: great work made irrelevant by the cadence of digital society. This book leverages the marketing and research knowledge that Rubinson Partners, Inc.’s founder has used to consult with some of the world’s leading marketers and has been endorsed by readers sharing these ideas over 6,000 times using social media. It describes a winning framework that marketers and researchers can use to succeed in a digital, social, mobile age, elaborating on this from consumer, brand, shopper, and media perspectives, and finally offering six new digital and social media metrics that are critical for brands to monitor and manage.

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