Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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“Dealer Franchise Laws” are federal and state laws that protect auto dealerships. However, they also institutionalize business practices in a way that are no longer serve the consumer but cannot be easily changed.

Marketers want to use brand extension strategies as much as possible today because it is a more affordable way to introduce products but the key is having enough rocket fuel, i.e. brand equity, to get the rocket (i.e. brand extension) off the ground.

Understanding “Path to Purchase” will change marketing and media priorities. In most cases, it is likely to increase the budget for search, comparison shopping, and particularly in-store shopper marketing vs. using a media habits approach because those places don’t have a big share of media time but they are where the “lean-forward” action is.

As the ORQC continues its journey towards a version 1.0 solution by September, I must reiterate that the number one issue we face in marketing research projects is data consistency.