Marketing and Research Consulting for a Brave New World
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Marketing research’s impact is blunted because it often gets brought into the process too late. Research must become viewed as “strong”; as embracing action and feeling accountable for business results, being future focused, a thought leader while staying true to the rigor of proven research processes.

For consumer insights teams, shopper insights research feels foreign; it requires a different set of approaches and a totally different mindset.  Shopping is about action more than preferences.  It’s about the shopping trip rather than a single product category. Yet, shopper insights are critical for making shopper marketing work for your brand, enhancing your relationships […]

Here’s a better way to gain insight into a market leader’s weaknesses. Compare what your loyal buyers think of you vs. what your competitors’ loyal buyers think of those brands.

On June 9th , the ARF Online Research Quality Council (ORQC) presented detailed findings from an unprecedented US R&D project regarding online data quality, called “Foundations of Quality” (FoQ). Now that we’re into the 90 day action plan stage, I wanted to provide an update.

Are we in a crisis, as Alan Wurtzel from NBC said? Bob Barocci, President of the ARF on the state of media research presented at the ARF’s Audience Measurement 4.0 Conference.